Why is it good to book your Flat at Narendrapur, Kolkata


Possessing a home in metro city like Kolkata is a dream for most of the people. What about you? Have you narrowed down your choice? If not, then come to South Kolkata and explore the flats in galore. Nowadays, real estate developers are investing in Narendrapur because this area is undergoing through the transformational journey.

A sweet home is always your priority. You need a home, which you can decorate or renovate as per your lifestyle. Residential flats at Narendrapur – Kolkata offers the same benefit. You can receive other benefits too if you book a flat at this location at an early age.


Eliminate the Hassles of Long Commutations

For example, your home is located in one of the suburban areas of Kolkata. When you travel by local train during the peak hours, you have to face crowded situations at the train. When you reach your destination, you feel tired. This also affects your performance at your office. How can you avoid such unwanted situation?

Booking a flat at a new residential complex in South Kolkata could be a great solution. At Narendrapur, commutation options are many. You can easily avail metro service at Garia bazaar Metro station. The option of the bus is also available.

If you are in bit hurry, take out your smartphone and press for an app-based cab service. Through that air-conditioned cab, reach any nook of the city comfortably.

Start Your Day with Spiritual Bliss

Do you know that Narendrapur is famous for Ramkrishna Mission? Start your day boldly and maintain tranquility of mind by seeking blessings of Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa. When you return home a bit early, attend the evening prayers and eliminate the stress that accumulated throughout the day.

Choices Are Endless

In Narendrapur, you can exercise your choices on numerous flats. The accommodations are available in 1, 2 or 3BHK formats. Some residential units have been built in compliance with Vaastu Shastra.

The floor plans have been developed after researching on current lifestyles of homeowners. You can have customized looks for interiors. While booking a flat, explain your preference clearly with the real estate developer regarding wall paints, electrical fittings, bath accessories, etc. Clarify whether you need to pay extra money for customization.

Connect to Nature

In order to attain healthy living, you definitely require connecting to nature. You might be thinking, at a crowded city where can you get some respite. Many residential complexes in Narendrapur boast landscaped gardens. The gardens are best suited for jaywalk, spending some leisure time and performing other activities like yoga, exercise, etc.

Take Advantage of Price

When the demand for homes rises in a particular area, the prices soar up. This is true for an area where commercial establishments set strong presence. The prices of resident units in places like Park Street, Alipur, etc are exorbitantly higher than Narendrapur. It is ripe time to invest in a residential flat in Narendrapur.

It is for sure that with intensification of urbanization, the prices of real estate projects will escalate. You can take this as investment opportunity. In the future, when you find that you will get the desired return, you can strike a profitable deal and sell your flat.

Create Additional Source of Income

If you have decided to purchase a flat in Narendrapur and planning to shift after a few years; why keep your property vacant? It will be a wise decision to put it on rent. This way you can generate additional income. Now, the choice is yours. How you would like to spend that money? You can spend that money for your ward’s education, meeting credit card bills, etc.

Did you see how you could be benefited from booking a flat in Narendrapur at early age? In order to become a proud owner of a cozy home, contact Mayfair Group today. Mayfair is one of the largest and most prestigious realtors offering new residential projects in South Kolkata. Bookings are on.

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