Are you tired of chasing promises of luxury living in the heart of Kolkata? Well, don’t fret anymore because Mayfair Group is here to make your dream come true fulfilling all the requisites. Staying under the wings of Mayfair, you can discover a home where life begins in a lavish heaven amidst a serene ambience; where the charms of nature begin just outside your window. More precisely, the lavish apartments by Mayfair Group have exquisitely developed to invite residents into a world of exotic living.

All the apartments are decked out lavishly, be it with modern furnishings and unique features. These apartments come in different layouts, furnishings, amenities, budget and type. Thanks to the diligent Mayfair Group for making Kolkata the perfect place for middle-income to buy home, and for the rich to build their dream-palaces.

Now, let’s crawl to the following detail of a few projects naming Mayfair Greens, Mayfair Eternity, Mayfair Bliss, Mayfair Residency, Mayfair Venus, etc.

Mayfair Greens: With an opportunity to live amidst a huge expanse of lush greenery, Mayfair Greens chases the promise of green living in Kolkata. Landscaped gardens, neatly manicured lawns, swimming pools, fishing pond, a plush lounge are perfect to beckon refreshment in life.

The spacious apartments are in no way inferior to any sprawling bungalow. 24X7 security back-up is designed to ward off all your safety-worries. It is a luxury premise in magnificent scale and diversity, with every residential requisite catered to the finest fashion. It’s an impressive place to live life king-size. Surrounding landscaped gardens, club and playground with complete sports and recreational activities are icing on the top. State-of-the-art fitness centre, encompassing soothing greenery, top-notch furnishings have turned it a perfect place to unwind and relax.

Mayfair Greens

Mayfair Eternity: Opulence has a new address with Mayfair Eternity. It’s one of the most popular residential properties in the bosom of Kolkata. It gives you a choice of well-furnished 1BHK, 2BHK and 3BHK apartments to expand your life. A number of modern amenities and fundamental facilities, Mayfair Eternity promises of a fun-and-happening stay in the city-of-joy.

To redefine security of the residents a 24X7, round-the-clock security service has been designed by Mayfair Eternity. This way, Mayfair Eternity has happened to rule the roost, from the rocklike structure of exterior to the in-vogue interiors.

Mayfair Eternity

Mayfair Bliss: Located in Nayabad, Kolkata, Mayfair Bliss is yet another project worth appreciating. Each and every apartment has been given equal importance. Not a single apartment loses out to the other, in any ways.

Each block is open on three sides, which is undoubtedly quite unique in all ways. Let’s fixate attention on the unique designing strategy followed to build Mayfair Bliss. The townscape has been constructed in a way that offers tranquillity of a home in the countryside, equipped with all the go-getter amenities of a happening cosmopolitan city. Each block is equipped with 4 passenger elevator, which is absolutely great.

Mayfair Bliss

Mayfair Residency: The discussion would be incomplete minus Mayfair Residency – another project craving for attention. It is one of the popular residential developments in E.M. Bypass, the neighbourhood of Kolkata. It is among the completed projects of Mayfair Group. Well-crafted flats combined with the basic amenities offer lavish stay.

Good news for the buyers- to occupy these flats for sale in Kolkata, they require paying a very considerable amount. This is indeed beneficial for the middle-income home-hunters intended to live with peace and comfort.

Mayfair Venus: Essential living amenities, 3BHK Residential apartments, round-the-clock security service have turned Mayfair Venus another project claiming to fame.

Spacious three bedrooms, non-stop water supply in two bathrooms, impeccable residential amenities, basic security facilities etc. are the prime USPs of residential flats at Narendrapur, Kolkata. Buyers will be happy to know that this state-of-the-art, sustainable features don’t affect their purchase price which is both competitive and affordable.

Mayfair Venus

By seamlessly blending the eco-friendly features with high-end amenities, Mayfair inspires better living, both in terms of comfort and efficiency.

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