Buyers guide-How to buy a flat in Kolkata


When you are planning to buy a flat, you get several questions running in your mind. You wonder about the property costs or the fees of the realtors and lawyers, etc. So, the first thing that you should follow is a proper buyer’s guide. Being one of the leading realtors in Kolkata and its suburbs, We, Mayfair Group can offer some tips on how to search for the right flats for sale in Kolkata.

Why Buy Flats in Kolkata

We know that the real estate market has its own worries, but people actually want to buy their perfect apartment. The prices of properties and the per capita income of the developed cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi are very high. On the other hand, Kolkata is still at the back end of the list of developed cities. However, the city never lacks in opportunities. The most interesting aspect is that the price of real estate in the last few years has not been affected in comparison to the other developed cities. Therefore,builders like us utilize the best of this opportunity to bring a wide range of affordable flats in Kolkata and its outskirts.


Top 3 Things to Consider before Buying Flat

As we said, you have many things to think about before buying a flat, but the most important things would be:

Price: Fortunately, the prices of the real estate properties have not reached the sky in Kolkata. Even those who belong to the group of medium income, still can buy their dream home. The property prices in the city have remained stagnant in the last three years. However, it is also important that you do not compromise with the quality and amenities just to get a flat at a low price. At Mayfair Group, we maintain affordable price range without compromising on the quality and features of the properties. After all, you are investing in your home.

We have a wide range of projects that we have completed such as Mayfair Venus, Mayfair Residency, Mayfair Lakeview, Mayfair Greens, Mayfair Eternity, etc. All these properties feature excellent amenities within an affordable price range. We are developing high-end apartments and designer homes with luxurious amenities as well. Even the prices for these properties are comparatively affordable but high on the quality standard.

Location: Location of the apartment is definitely a top criteria. You have to consider whether the property is close to your work, school or medical facilities. You will definitely not like to spend a lot of time commuting every day to reach your work place or go to a hospital during an emergency. Mayfair Group has numerous housing projects in different parts of Kolkata and its outskirts, which gives you plenty of options to choose your flat. Whether you need a property in the most happening areas in south Kolkata, we provide you with loads of flats for sale.

Transportation: Kolkata does not lack in transportation. Train, bus, tram and of course the lifeline of the city, Metro railways, dwell thousand of people every day. Our real estate properties are strategically located so that the buyers can access the transport facilities easily. The Metro corridor is also being extended in some key areas of the city. Considering that aspect also, we have some exciting upcoming projects for the prospective buyers.

Over the years, we have completed a number of projects and many properties are under construction. If you are looking for that perfectly sweet flat in Kolkata, we have the best option. Call us today!


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